HESCO Bill Calculator

Our HESCO Bill Calculator is a tool that allows you to estimate your monthly bill before or after receiving a hard copy of the bill. HESCO, which stands for Hyderabad Electric Supply Company, is a power supply company that has been giving electricity to Hyderabad and nearby areas since 1998. HESCO is providing facilities for their customers to check HESCO bills online, HESCO duplicate bills, and also pay bills online through different channels.

Calculate HESCO Bill

From our HESCO bill calculator, you can easily get your estimated HESCO bill by entering the total Consumed Units of the month within seconds. However, if you want to get an accurate HESCO Bill, you need to enter all the required details like connection type, phase, peak and off-peak timings etc. By entering these details, you will get accurate results within fractions of seconds.

Total Units

Total Units are the units that you consume during the month. It is compulsory for you to enter the total units in our HESCO bill calculator to get your estimated bill. But if you don’t know from where to check total units then you don’t need to worry, we will give you the technique from where you receive your total units of the month.

You just need your previous hard copy of your bill. From this copy, you can get the total units of your previous month. To get your current month’s total units, you have to subtract the previous month’s total units from the present month’s total units of the meter. From this formula you can get your present total units.

HESCO Bill Unit Rates

Total Units are also known as “Bill Units” and these units vary for connection type and phase. For example, the rate for 1-50 units is different from the unit ranges of 50-100 units and so on.

Here is the unit rate list of residential unit ranges.

1 1-50 Units 3.95
2 50-100 Units 7.74
3 101-200 Units 10.6
4 201-300 Units 12.5
5 301-700 Units 19.55
6 More Than 700 Units 22.65

For commercial connection, the rate per unit is 19.95 Rs, and for industrial connection, it is 19.51 Rs per unit. The unit rate during peak hours is 22.65 rupees per unit, and the rate during off-peak hours is 16.33 rupees per unit.

Connection Type

Connection types are of three types. There is a residential connection, an industrial connection and a commercial connection. If you don’t know your connection type, you can easily check your connection type from your previous month’s HESCO bill. It is necessary to enter the connection type in the required field to get an accurate bill.


By entering total units and connection type, you can get a somewhat accurate bill. But if you want to get a fully accurate HESCO bill, you need to enter phase type. There is two type of phases. One is single-phase, while the other is three-phase. You have to enter your phase type. It is either single phase or three phase.

Peak and Off Peak

This Peak and off-peak timing are also very important for estimating accurate HESCO Bill. Peak and off-peak timings are hours of the day when the unit rate is increased or decreased. But if you don’t know the hours, you don’t need to worry because there is not much effect on your bill calculation.

How to Calculate HESCO Bill

First of all, you need to follow these steps to calculate your bill.

  • First you have to click the above “Calculate HESCO Bill” button.
  • You will be redirected to a calculator page that calculates your bill.
  • Here on this page you have to enter all the required details.
  • First Enter Consumed Total Units.
  • Then Select Connection Type.
  • After that select phase type and enter peak and off-peak hours if you know.
  • Enter the submit button.
  • After submitting, you can get an accurate HESCO Bill.

Final Wrapping

HESCO Bill Calculator is only a tool that gives you accurate results on your bill. Hence, this tool uses the latest unit rates to estimate your bill, so you just need to enter your consumed total units and get your estimated bill.

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